Aha! Online Qual Research Platfrom

Aha! Online Qual Research Platfrom

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  • Data Collection - Qualitative
  • Full Service
  • Online Research Services
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Data Collection Methodologies
Qualitative/Recruiting Services and Facilities
• Online Focus Group Hosting/Moderation
• Recruiting
• Smartphone/Tablet Interviewing
• Social Media/Big Data/Data Mining
• Transcription Services
• Viewable In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)/Dyads/Tryads/Mini-Groups
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• Dashboard Software
• Internet/Web Based Survey Software
• Mobile Survey Software
• Online Interviews/Discussions/Diaries Software
Research Methods
• Attitude/Usage
• Brand Research
• Concept Testing
• Copy Tests
• Ethnographic Research
• Full Service
• Mobile
• Online Interviews/Discussions/Diaries


Aha! is the online qual research platform designed to give clients, research companies, consultants, and brand marketing agencies the strategic tools to easily create and deploy consumer and B2B research studies.

Our comprehensive suite of interactive activities and methods include: Storytelling, image + text collage, innovative video upload tools, webcam integration, concept testing methods, home use test templates, mobile app for in-the-moment occasions, perceptual mapping, social/community activities, quant tools, and robust analytics.

The experienced Aha! team provides study design, project management, respondent recruiting, analytic consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support. You can do it yourself, or we can do it all for you.

A comprehensive demo is available. Visit us at www.ahaonlineresearch.com

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