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Confirmit enables organizations to develop and implement Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs that deliver insight and drive business change. Confirmit’s clients create multi-channel, multi-lingual feedback and research programs that engage customers, empower employees, deliver a compelling respondent experience, and provide high Return on Investment.

Confirmit has a solid foundation of over 30 years’ experience in listening to your requirements and developing software for all sizes of Market Research organizations. As a result, we understand your business and offer solutions that allow you to deliver high quality, fast, and cost-effective Market Research results.

Confirmit Horizons is a flexible, multi-channel software platform for Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs. It provides you with a one-stop, feature-rich solution to gain maximum value and insight from all your feedback and research projects. The comprehensive functional capabilities of Confirmit Horizons are matched by the extensive benefits the platform gives your business.

With Confirmit Horizons, you can use any single or combination of channels to gather feedback. Use the web, email, IVR, SMS, mobile, telephone, or paper to capture responses and gather them into a single system for analysis. You can create at-a-glance dashboards or in-depth customized reports and deliver them automatically; online or offline through a wide range of convenient channels.

Confirmit Mobile survey software enables you to connect with customers, employees, or other survey respondents in a timely and relevant way. To gain the best from your mobile surveys and feedback programs, you need to ensure you have access to the full range of modes and features that mobile can offer.

Choose from SMS, mobile browser, mobile application, and multi-channel solutions, depending on the requirements of your individual projects and broader objectives. Use mobile to build a profile of your customers or employees. You can build a much more detailed picture of your respondents if you can truly capture what they are thinking, experiencing, and feeling at the point of experience, rather than a snapshot of recall-based sentiment.

New Fieldwork Reporting Capability: Top Takeaways by Victoria Goodwin, Product Marketing Manager
With increasing pressure on Market Researchers to show quick top-level insights, efficiency is everything, and while the industry is rightly focused on speed, quality shouldn’t be sacrificed in its favor.
London Market Research User Group: Networking, Learning and Sharing by Beth Magee, VP Marketing
Last week in London we held our first Market Research User Group designed for Market Researchers to come together, network, share ideas and learn more about the Confirmit Horizons platform.
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Statistical Analysis: Confirmit Horizons  
Tabulation: Confirmit Horizons  
Web Survey (CAWI): Confirmit Horizons