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On The Way To Understanding Consumers’ Behavior: From Bulky Tools To Elegant Solutions
The roots of neuromarketing stretch down to the end of 19th century. But its modern history began at the dawn of the 1990s. At that time such big companies as Coca-Cola and Ford started to heavily invest in neuroscientific research. It was their conscious step towards getting inside their customers' decision-making process and better understand their intentions and desires. Salesbrain, established in 2002, was the first company to specialize particularly in providing services in the neuromarketing domain.
Press Release:
CoolTool Introduces The New ‘Implicit Priming Test’ Tool For Finding Out The Subconscious Attitudes by CoolTool
The Implicit Priming Test designed by CoolTool is a technology for capturing and identifying the unconscious reactions to external stimuli. It’s a fully automated test that allows anybody (not only professional researchers) to determine people's preferences, stereotypes, and prejudices.
CoolTool Has Launched AI-Powered Webcam Eye Tracking by CoolTool
CoolTool is a unique automated neuromarketing platform expanding the opportunities of neuromarketing research to a previously unimaginable extent. Recently the company has developed and launched the beta version of unique webcam-based eye tracking running on Artificial Intelligence technology. The AI-powered eye tracking ensures a high precision of results and opens new opportunities for eye tracking research. 
Online access to consumers at CoolTool: get neuromarketing insights within hours by CoolTool
From now you are able to get both conscious and nonconscious consumer measurements anywhere and anytime. CoolTool* has launched the real-time direct access to respondents (called ‘online panels’ in the research world).
Try In Action “Emotions in Browser” Tool, Fully Integrated Into Professional Survey
Measuring emotions in browser allows to get more accurate research data than in a controlled test environment. Respondents complete surveys not in laboratories but in settings which are normal and comfortable for them – in places where they come across standard advertising as well. In CoolTool solution for neuromarketing research NeuroLab, the emotion measurement tool was always integrated directly into a professional survey, enabling researchers to obtain better insights and now it allows measuring emotions in browser as well.
4 Neuromarketing Solutions in One NeuroLab
NeuroLab is the most effective and affordable neuromarketing solution for marketers and researchers. It combines 4 neuromarketing tools in one solution.
How And Why To Measure Customers’ Emotional Responses [Download PDF]
Companies which have managed to appeal to customers through their emotions have received huge benefits. They have attracted fans and created unmatched added value for their brand. Brands search for different ways of inducing a positive attitude through their advertising and the messages they convey to their target audience. That’s where key challenges hide. How to ensure your brand provokes delight? How to measure emotions (facial expression) and make the brand stronger?
BUSTED! 7 Myths About Neuromarketing [Download PDF]
Join 5000+ professionals who have already used neuromarketing. Download these very simple and crisp explanations to figure out whether rumors you've heard about neuromarketing are true!
How to collect, analyze and apply behavioral data like a PRO
Independent, fast, cheap - these are the components of the modern research. What does modern research mean? It is an approach, which includes flexible processes, convenient tools and automated data analysis. Let's see how to be a PRO in the market research industry today.