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Decision Analyst is a global marketing research and analytical consulting firm, serving a number of major corporations, advertising agencies, management consulting firms, and governmental agencies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Decision Analyst conducts multinational marketing research studies on marketing strategy, market segmentation, product optimization, advertising testing, package optimization, new product concept testing and forecasting, website optimization, and customer experience optimization. The firm blends qualitative research, secondary data analysis, survey-based research, econometrics, and advanced analytics (modeling, simulation, and optimization) to solve the most difficult marketing problems.

Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the firm is owned by its 150 employees.

Known Knowns and Other Unknowns by Jerry W. Thomas
"Several years ago, Donald Rumsfeld, then Secretary of Defense, spoke about “known knowns, known unknowns,’’ and the dreaded “unknown unknowns.’’ Rumsfeld omitted one category, however, and that is unknown knowns. These four sets of simple word-pairs, used by Rumsfeld to describe military strategy, also convey powerful conceptual ideas with relevance to developing marketing plans and marketing strategies. Marketing decisions based on knowns -- truth, facts and evidence -- are far more likely to succeed than those based on hopes, wishes and mythology. Jerry explains why so many marketing directors and chief executives believe they know more than they really do, and how that is detrimental. And that is why marketing research is critical. The ultimate quest of marketing research is the scientific search for truth, facts and evidence on which executives can confidently base decisions. The ultimate prize for executives is to understand cause and effect so they know which buttons to push and which levers to pull to change the trajectories of their companies and brands.