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For great insight you need more than just data. You need to understand all of the available data – wherever it comes from – and you need to understand how that data comes together to speak to your business.

In short, you need a data strategy.

Without a data strategy, teams feel overwhelmed and spend more than they should amassing information to support their plans.

Insights actions are driven by data strategy – the definition of what you collect, how you apply it and how you decide what’s next. When strategy is clear, action is focused and effective. When it’s not – when it’s a collection of interesting, but disjointed points – teams struggle. That’s why our client discussions so often start here.

How clear is your team’s data strategy? Let’s define what’s critical to support your goals, what you already have and what you need to uncover. Then we’ll help chart the best course to fill in the blanks.

At Deckchair Data, we partner with ambitious companies to provide market research, analytics and data strategy that drive growth. We have significant expertise and experience in: Quantitative and Qualitative Research, Advanced Analytics, Data Science and Data Strategy

We serve a range of industries, with current active engagements in technology, healthcare, financial services, insights and public service. Deckchair (formerly Parametric Marketing) was founded to accelerate the partners’ long-term commitment to making businesses smarter and more successful. Our leadership has substantial track records in the technology, analytics and research industries.

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