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The only true DIY Mobile Ethnography and Diary study platform. Created by renowned ethnographer Siamack Salari. We believe EthOS should be in every researcher’s toolbox and we have pricing that backs that up!

The name EthOS is an acronym for Ethnographic Observation System, and like our name, our history is rooted in ethnography.

Ethnographer Siamack Salari pioneered the concept of mobile ethnography back in 2009 shortly after the release of the first iPhone.

Today, EthOS is a powerful mobile qual platform that can be used across a variety of methodologies including Diary/Journal Studies, Product Testing, Journey Mapping, and Shop Alongs.

EthOS allows companies to collect contextually rich data from customers, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders as they go about their everyday lives.

The platform offers several task types that you can assign to participants. Ask them to take pictures, videos, and audio recordings, or have them complete open-text, single choice, or range-based questions.

All entries submitted by participants hit the EthOS insight dashboard where you can organize and filter results. The dashboard offers automated transcriptions, sentiment analysis, tone analysis, smart filtering, project setup simulators, out of the box reports, and the ability to probe respondents in-the-moment through live chat. EthOS’s workspace feature allows you to have breakout sessions with participants where they can view and comment on each other’s entries.

EthOS is a true DIY tool, but our team of researchers are available to offer a helping hand or take on full-service projects.

Off-Site/Remote Interviewing
Remote/Field Interviewing: For On-Site Assignments & Mystery Shopping
Description: EthOS is a mobile ethnography and remote qualitative research platform that allows companies to easily collect and analyze contextually rich data.
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