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Ethos Market Research is a Canadian leading insights company with a mission to uncover deep consumer and B2B insights, particularly focused on the ethnic and multicultural consumer and business segments in Canada, the US, and globally. Our dynamic panels help our clients gather trusted insights to grow their businesses via Qual and Quant studies.

Ethos Market Research is committed to providing effective and comprehensive market analysis that drives the success of organizations. Ethos Market Research specializes in providing key marketing insights into the diverse and vibrant ethnic communities across Canada, the US, Europe, and Oceania. Ethos Market Research is unique in the marketplace in the way it merges the power of technology and the precision of science to deliver innovative, timely, accurate and high-impact market research results - all in real time. With a passionate team of employees, consultants, interviewers and field researchers in offices across Canada and in the US, Ethos Market Research delivers the kind of quantitative and qualitative information that leading companies need to reach their bottom-line objectives, grow their firms and achieve industry-leading competitive advantages. Our online ethnic panels are unmatched in the industry, and can provide you with the laser-like focused ethnographic insights that you are seeking.

Recruiting Services
Recruit for: focus groups
Recruiting in-house: Yes  
Database available: 350000 names
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Study Types Recruit for: consumer
Ethnic minorities
Research Software
Panel: Nebu