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Great focus groups: Part 1: Steps to take before the session by Dr. Gary Frieden, Ph.D.
How can we best understand the psychology of focus groups and how can we utilize this knowledge to make the sessions more insightful? Interestingly, more than what happens during the focus group can affect the focus group experience. The recruitment process can set the stage for how respondents begin thinking about the group experience. Even what happens in the lobby can ultimately affect the psychology of the focus group. This two-part series deals with aspects that occur prior to the start of a focus group session and later how the focus group is conducted – each of which contribute strongly to the psychology of the group.
Great focus groups: Part 2: Inside the conference room by Dr. Gary Frieden, Ph.D.
In last month’s article, I outlined how recruiters, moderators and facilities can affect the quality of focus group participation – and ultimately insights – prior to the start of a session. This second and final article of the series deals with how the psychology of the focus group is affected by what occurs during the focus group and how certain factors impact the overall insights.
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