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Anne Brown, PRC
CEO- Principal
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Harriet Naidus
COO- Principal
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Stacey Weber
Vice President
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Business Type
  • Data Collection - Qualitative
  • Data Collection - Quantitative
  • Data Processing
  • Field Management
  • Online Surveys
  • Sampling
Data Collection Methodologies
Qualitative/Recruiting Services and Facilities
• Recruiting
Quantitative Data Collection Services
• Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
• Data Entry/Data Processing/Tabulations
• Internet/Web Based Surveys
Interviewing Specialties by Audience
• Hard to Reach Populations
• International Research and Services
• Medical Professionals
Related Services & Providers
• Minority or Female Owned Business
• Translation or Interpretation Services
Research Methods
• International Research and Services
• Mixed Mode
• Panels


Your complete research operations hub. As a global sampling, field management, and data collection boutique, we are worldwide experts with local knowledge, delivering logistics through precise and innovative solutions. Our solutions include simple and easily-accessed worldwide respondents for all online and offline data collection methods, including mobile devices and mixed mode techniques. We can program and host your surveys, if needed, or work with your in-house technology platform. We provide translation and localization services for your questionnaires to make sure they are ready to deploy in all your target markets with continuity. Our reporting solutions include traditional data tables as well as online reporting portals. Text based responses are not a problem, as we provide global in-language coding and text analytics, as required.

Recruiting Services
Recruit for: focus groups
central location studies 
Opt-In for:  
Recruit for:  
Study Types Recruit for: consumer
Description: In-house moderator
Focus Group Services
Facility Location: office building  
Miles from Airport: 10  
# Rooms: 1 focus group room
Internet Access: Yes  
Focus Group Moderators: Yes
One-on-one, In-depth interviewers: Yes
Focus Group Room(s):  
Room 1: 20 ' x 15 ' - 5 seats
Central Location Testing Facility
Viewing Capabilities: Yes
Computer/tablet/devices: 3 computer/tablet/devices
Internet Access: Yes
Off-Site/Remote Interviewing
In-Store Demos: Yes  
Taste Tests: Yes  
In-Store Audits: Yes  
Remote/Field Interviewing: For On-Site Assignments & Mystery Shopping
Door-to-Door Interviewing: Yes
Research Software
Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): Decipher  
Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI): Decipher  
Statistical Analysis: SPSS  
Tabulation: Quantum, Quanvert  
Web Survey (CAWI): Decipher, Confirmit