Herron Associates, Inc.

Herron Associates, Inc.

1499 Windhorst Way, Suite 160
Greenwood, IN 46143

: 317-882-3800
P2: 800-392-3828
FX: 317-882-4716
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Sue McAdams, PRC
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Cyndi Wright
Project Director
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Business Type
  • Data Collection - Qualitative
  • Data Collection - Quantitative
  • Field Management
  • Focus Group / Qualitative Facility
  • Full Service
  • Online Research Services
  • Online Surveys
  • Qualitative Consultant/Moderator
  • Research Supplier / Provider
Data Collection Methodologies
Qualitative/Recruiting Services and Facilities
• Central Location Testing Facility (CLT)
• Focus Group Facility
• Test Kitchen Facility
Research Methods
• Mock Jury/General Opinion
• Taste Tests/Sensory Tests


Experienced and reliable. Herron Associates is focused on Qualitative, Quantitive and mixed methods research in our Indianapolis and Tampa locations or any market your research takes you. Trust a team with a proven record and expertise to deliver services ranging from data collection to full-service research and design. Best-in-class service and premium amenities in Indianapolis with oversized well-appointed suites, large viewable CLT and a 960 square foot commercial test kitchen.

Let Herron simplify your project and become an extension of your team. We believe that “only the best will do” and that our clients should never settle for “good enough”.

Recruiting Services
Recruit for: focus groups
central location studies 
Recruiting in-house: 12 recruiters on staff 
Database available: 150,000 names
Opt-In for: consumer
Recruit for: own facility
client off-site location 
Study Types Recruit for: consumer
Description: Creative out-of-the-box troubleshooting. Daily updates, frequent communication. Continuous investment in database development. Experienced and Reliable team working together to complete projects.
Focus Group Services
Facility Location: office building  
Miles from Airport: 8  
# Rooms: 4 focus group rooms
Internet Access: Yes  
Usability lab: 35 PCs with internet access  
Test kitchen: Yes
One-on-one, In-depth interviewers: Yes
Focus Group Room(s):  
Room 1: 21 ' x 24 ' - 16 seats
Room 2: 20 ' x 23 ' - 14 seats
Room 3: 16 ' x 19 ' - 8 seats
Room 4: 34 ' x 39 ' - 100 seats
Description: Top rated premium facility convenient for participants. Oversized focus suites, CLT, commercial test kitchen. Dedicated staff to every project. Don't have to ask twice.
Central Location Testing Facility
Test Kitchen: Yes 
Viewing Capabilities: Yes
Computer/tablet/devices: 35 computer/tablet/devices with multiple software
Internet Access: Yes
Description: 75 theater. 45 Classroom. Viewable CLT. PC lab. Commercial Test Kitchen. Loading dock. Best in class service. Big square footage. Experienced kitchen staff.
Research Software
Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): multiple  
Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI): multiple