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London, W1T3LA United Kingdom

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Julie Knox
CEO‚ Jigsaw USA

Sue van Meeteren

Ann Morgan

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• Advertising
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• Energy/Utility
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With offices in the UK and US, Jigsaw Research provides its clients with a team of exclusively senior researchers, who have an average of 15 years’ agency and/or client side experience. This means that our clients benefit from senior level involvement at all stages of every project. In 2019, Jigsaw won the prestigious MRS Award for Global Agency of the Year.

We follow a “whole consciousness” approach to help us dig deeper and allow the subconscious to come through in our research. This reveals fresh perspectives that simplistic ‘ask and tell’ research struggles to uncover, enabling us to build a more authentic picture of why people think and behave the way they do – whether that’s how they react to advertising or how they make purchase decisions. Our home-grown, unique solutions, integrate ideas and applications not only from our own experience, but also from our studies in behavioral economics & behavioral science, psychology, anthropology, and popular culture. This approach enables us to help our clients develop more realistic and effective strategies for influencing consumer behavior.

We cover a range of business sectors including Finance/Insurance, Professional Services, Technology/Media/Telecommunications, Retail, Travel, Life Sciences and Energy. International research makes up over 50% of our work, and we cover every major continent.

We work with our clients in a variety of ways, depending on their unique needs. These roles include traditional project management, long term secondment and outsourced management of other research agencies.