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LiveShopper Sassie is a complete technology solution provider for mystery shopping and market research companies alike.

We offer the world’s #1 mystery shopping software used by over 3 million shoppers, 20,000 companies and 150 mystery shopping companies around the globe. This includes Presto, our mobile mystery shopping technology and a complete back-end reporting solution called Dragon, which can be completely configured to the needs of each end client. Our technology helps mystery shopping companies reduce shopper recruiting costs and shopper payments.

We also provide a mobile crowdsourcing technology called LiveShopper SDK, which is designed to gather customer insights down to each individual location in real-time. LiveShopper SDK works by being "plugged into" an existing mobile app to launch surveys and specific customer tasks that are controlled by each client. Our background geofencing technology helps identify customers while they are at the location.

What's also unique about LiveShopper SDK is that each client using our technology controls the reward/incentive being delivered to the customer for their feedback. This can help drive customers to your brand and also create repeat visits.

Finally, we also understand tracking social media is a must when it comes to understanding brand performance. Because of this, we have partnered with ReplyPro to offer both location based social media review monitoring and overall corporate buzz.

Review monitoring service is a great way to see what the public is saying about a client site online. Each location that is being rated on Google, YELP, Trip Advisor, etc., can have one place to look at all their reviews. Because reviews are tracked per location, clients can drill-down and measure their star ratings and comments against other locations, districts, or as an entire organization. Review data and analytics is visible to corporate or even a location manager that is responsible for replying to reviews.

Corporate Buzz is a great way to capture voice-of-customer by tracking mentions and hashtags across social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, clients will see reviews from their employees about their organization on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. Corporate Buzz allows the end clients of our partners to see an aggregated view of social media mentions for a single corporate presence with overall sentiment analysis.

Research Software
Mobile: Presto  
Social Media: ReplyPro