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Patricia Houston
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MMR LIVE, a forward-focused experience strategy group, connects research expertise with experiential principles and operational know-how to improve human-brand interactions. A division of MMR Research Associates, LIVE sets the stage for positive brand experiences with customized strategy, measurement, and continual improvement. For more information visit

Founded in 2017 by Patricia (Tricia) Houston, MMR LIVE helps companies create, improve, and measure experiences across all types of touchpoints. Companies often rely on MMR LIVE for projects related to Consumer Experience, Live Events, and Brand Strategy, but the organization can support experience strategy and measurement for any type of audience. Unlike many experience solutions, MMR LIVE is not a technology company. The LIVE philosophy focuses first on human solutions and emotion without letting software or system-based constraints define its process or output, which, in turn, allows it to take a partnership approach to incorporating best-in-class technology solutions.