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Relevance, The #1 Rule When Developing New Products by Christopher Barnes
When launching a new product, many factors impact the success of the product: timing, marketing, ease of use, availability, price. But, across the board, one factor makes or breaks the success of a new product: Relevance.
How Energy Marketplaces Give Utilities More Control by Tim Veitengruber
Consumers embrace new products, adapt to new services more quickly and spend significant time researching and comparing online shopping options prior to making purchases. Product reviews and word-of-mouth opinions carry more weight than ever, and visual representations including product displays are expected to “come alive” during the purchase process. Such changing consumer behavior requires that traditional marketing tactics evolve to meet these shifting consumer demands, and utilities are not the exception.
Active Managers Make Inroads with Fee-based Advisors by Meredith Lloyd Rice
Fee-based advisors are one of the few advisor segments that is growing, which has led to a shift toward low-cost, passively managed investments. This shift is being felt across the industry, leading many to believe that active management as we know it is on its way out. However, the data in this year’s Advisor Brandscape® don’t fully support these findings, as low-fee providers known for their passively managed investments are not the only firms topping advisors’ consideration set. In fact, this year’s report shows a resurgence for particular active managers.
How Much SHOULD the iPhone X Cost? by Pam McGill
The iPhone is turning 10! In addition to typical upgrade versions, Apple is expected to celebrate the 10th anniversary by introducing a new premium model. But with a premium product comes a premium price tag, with rumors ranging from $1,000–1,600! Apple is betting that consumers will be drawn to the shiny, new toy despite the hefty price. But how much will consumers be willing to cough up for the latest and greatest? We just surveyed more than 1,000 US consumers and ran an exclusive price point analysis to find out.
Personalization Is Not a Technology Problem—It’s an Insight Challenge by Gennifer Jackson
We’re still in the early days of personalization. With advancements in machine learning, voice recognition and other technologies, smart companies will think of more compelling ways to deliver even more personalized experiences and products. These new opportunities to delight shoppers will unlock category growth in the future. To take advantage of this monumental shift in how shoppers buy, retailers must continuously get insight on the evolving shopper journey.
Strengthening the Patient/Provider Relationship by Jack Fyock
With the rapid increase in the number of hospital-employed physicians, it’s not surprising that health systems are trying to learn more about the patient/provider relationship. Developing a robust and powerful way to measure this relationship is becoming more important.
New Research: Pharmaceutical Companies are Overlooking a Key Audience by Tracie Guidry
Pharma companies often focus on two research audiences in their communications research—HCPs and patients. Both are very important audiences when it comes to making the decision of what medication(s) a patient should take. But caregivers often play an important role which may be overlooked in cases that are not life-threatening or completely debilitating.
Brand Stickiness: Boosting Technology Brands’ Customer Loyalty and Retention by Erin Leedy
When brands strive for “stickiness,” they’re striving to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers, ultimately to become a long-term favored brand. And this long-term loyalty is really tough to achieve these days. In a time when we’re seeing increasingly fickle consumers choosing from countless options with a finite amount of time to give—how does a brand become sticky?