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Melinda Mukofsky
VP- Admin.

Kathy Harsey
VP- Qual. Res.

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Business Type
  • Data Collection - Qualitative
  • Data Collection - Quantitative
  • Data Processing
  • Field Management
  • Full Service
  • Online Research Services
  • Online Surveys
  • Qualitative Consultant/Moderator
  • Related Support Services
  • Research Supplier / Provider
Interviewing Specialties by Audience
• Advertising
Research Methods
• Brand Research


Full service research services including project design and management, field services, data processing, reporting and professional consultation. Please call for more information.

Recruiting Services
Recruit for: focus groups
central location studies 
Recruiting in-house: 15 recruiters on staff 
Database available: 15,000 names
Opt-In for:  
Recruit for:  
Study Types Recruit for: consumer
Focus Group Services
Focus Group Moderators: Yes
One-on-one, In-depth interviewers: Yes
Research Software
Statistical Analysis: WinCross  
Tabulation: SurveySystems, WordStar  
Web Survey (CAWI): Perseus-Survey, Solutions