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Jeff Palish
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Marketing Systems Group is a major provider of innovative products, services and information solutions designed specifically for the market research community. We provide the best solutions to help our clients compete in the ever-changing research environment.


GENESYS is the market research industry’s preferred statistical sample provider. GENESYS products include sampling frames consisting of Landline RDD, Cellular RDD, Listed Households, Consumer Cellular and Business frames. Virtual Genesys is the first and only in-house and Web-based survey sample design and generation system. The system enables you to generate the highest quality samples at the lowest possible cost. Additional products and services include screening services for landline and cellular sample as well as custom list enhancements including name/address append, phone append, demographic and geo-coding. We offer the only attended screening service that accurately identifies non-working and business telephone numbers within a landline residential telephone sample as well as real time active/inactive flagging on cellular samples.


PreVision™ is an umbrella of services comprised of a full line of solutions for online surveys. Under this comprehensive online ecosystem, our survey research experts provide a complete sequence of services that starts with securing representative samples from online panels and continues with developing questionnaires suitable for online surveys, providing weighting and calibrations solutions uniquely developed for samples with representational challenges, and supporting advanced analytics using weighted data from complex surveys.


Automated Feedback and Panel Management done the right way. ARCS® integrates recruitment, scheduling, survey data collection, and custom reporting (using multiple touch points). This set of tools, including a multimode survey builder, are the perfect solution for sensory research, playtest research, product evaluation, qualitative facilities, focus groups, and employee feedback. Identify and schedule participants faster and at a lower cost. Regardless of what your participant engagement needs may be, the ARCS research platform is the solution for you.


U-Dial® was developed to alleviate TCPA compliance concerns. U-Dial balances the need to dial cellular telephone numbers manually while delivering the quality control functionality required in a research call center environment.


PRO-T-S® is the first research telephony system optimized for survey research and is a global leader in research seats. A scalable and modular telephony system, it features multiple dialing modes that are user-variable simultaneously across multiple locations, projects, CATI interfaces, and telephony configurations. Using PRO- T-S®, researchers can improve their data collection operations and increase interviewer productivity and completion rates, through state-of-the-art telephony – without sacrificing survey and sample management standards.

GIS: Geographic Information Systems

Leverage the power of geographic and demographic data using MSG’s full suite of GIS services: reports and maps, geocoding, spatial analytics, geographic frame design and much more. From simple maps and reports to multifaceted data, spatial projects, and custom consulting, MSG’s GIS group has you covered.

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