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Mona Patel
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Peter Kornberg

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Great customer experiences don’t just happen. They're the result of deep and empathetic thinking, research and design. We'll work to help you understand your customers' needs and wants, discover new insights, and validate important decisions to create engaging experiences.

We specialize in a number of traditional research methods including usability testing, ethnography, focus groups, and in-depth interviews, as well as new and innovative proprietary methods that are reframing research.

Friendship Groups™ are a different way of approaching research, shifting the way we think about focus groups by harnessing the preestablished rapport of intimate friend groups and social circles. It's an extremely viable, highly-adaptable methodology suited for uncovering insights from today’s users to create innovative, delightful experiences across different verticals. If you want your next research session to produce insights that will lead to innovative, industry-defining experiences, then it’s time to say hello to Friendship Groups.

Insider Insight™ offers a unique complement to qualitative research for quick, rich insights. It's a marketplace for conversations that reveal what’s real. Rooted in real-life conversations, the Insider community connects us to people they know, in surroundings they know, to reveal what we don’t know. These observations and unfiltered dialogues lead to thought-provoking insights - and we do it in as little as two weeks.

We help you shape your customer’s journey through every moment of contact, product purchase, stray thought, or tap on a screen.

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