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Patricia Green
Special Projects Manager

Susan Schwartz McDonald
President & CEO

Paul Abraham

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NAXION is a research-powered boutique that consults on strategic business issues in specialized industry sectors, including Health & Life Sciences, Financial Services, Information Technology, Energy, Building & Industrial Systems, Vehicles & Heavy Equipment, Consumer Products and B2B. Depth of marketing experience in key verticals, combined with sophisticated research capabilities and advanced analytics guide an integrative approach to data-driven decision support. The firm's NAscence Group supports bio-innovation within big and emerging pharma companies by providing forecasting and other research-based consulting services in support of commercialization strategy.

Types of projects routinely conducted by the firm include market segmentation, opportunity assessment, demand forecasting, pricing, positioning and market entry strategy, innovation and transformation, brand health, lifecycle management and customer experience. Project leaders are supported by an in-house team of methodologists and a wide portfolio of modeling tools and software - some of them proprietary, and all of them highly customized.

NAXION is a founding member of CASRO (now the Insights Association). It employs 80 full-time professionals. The firm was established as the world's first business research unit in 1911 by Curtis Publishing Company, the Philadelphia-based publisher of The Saturday Evening Post and Ladies Home Journal. It became a separate corporate entity under the name National Analysts in 1943; spent two decades as a division of Booz-Allen & Hamilton; was reorganized as an employee-owned company in 2004; and changed its name to NAXION in 2014 to better reflect expanding capabilities. Susan Schwartz McDonald, Ph.D., is President and CEO.