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Ken Peterson
Managing Director

Sean Dunn
Vice President‚ Client Solutions

Erik Enecker
Chief Product Officer US

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  • Focus Group / Qualitative Facility
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THE NEPA CONSUMER SCIENCE PLATFORM® enable analysis of both customers and non-customers, both online and IRL and combine attitudinal and behavioral data as embedded capabilities in Nepa products. The platform is the facilitator of data democratization in the sense of pushing the right data to the right person, in the right time and in a user-friendly format that you can understand and act upon. Based on the platform, we assign financial values to every single recommendation to motivate decisions and catalyze change.

NEPA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PRODUCTS SUITE harness the essential components of CX to shine a fact-light on customer experiences, breaking down feedback and sales data silos – to pinpoint the experiences that lead to sales. Our clients make CX decisions that produce bottom-line results.

NEPA MARKETING OPTIMIZATION PRODUCTS SUITE put our clients’ money where it matters, where today’s marketing spend is accelerating. Our products define customer journeys, help you make solid decisions on content and media spending and track performance, short- and long-term.

NEPA INNOVATION ACCELERATION PRODUCTS SUITE helps clients bring the consumer’s voice in to the whole innovation process by combining behavioral and attitudinal data. All the way from need exploration and white spot identification to post launch evaluation. Our products democratize the innovation process and supports a lean innovation process that will enable more efficient and successful innovations.

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Focus Group Moderators: Yes
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