Portland Marketing Analytics LLC (PortMA)


400 Congress Street #15044
Portland, Maine 04112-5044 United States

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Chris Clegg
President | Research Director

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Business Type
  • Data Collection - Qualitative
  • Data Collection - Quantitative
  • Full Service
  • Online Surveys
  • Research Supplier / Provider
Data Collection Methodologies
Quantitative Data Collection Services
• Design & Analysis
• Internet/Web Based Surveys
• Questionnaire Design
Interviewing Specialties by Audience
• Conventions/Meetings
Research Methods
• Brand Research
• Full Service
• Satisfaction Surveys
• Syndicated Research


Better ROI. Better Insights. Better Marketing.

PortMA uses data analytics to develop and evaluate marketing communication strategies for experiential marketing agencies, advertisers, and leading brands.


Portland Marketing Analytics (or PortMA) is a full-service market research supplier with unique expertise in marketing communications and evaluation research. We make use of traditional market research data collection and analysis techniques to solve modern-day business challenges.

This includes the design and execution of in-depth interviewing and survey research (i.e., online, intercept, listed, and panel).

In addition to our custom research services, we publish a series of experiential benchmarking reports available for immediate download. These reports deliver the only true financial Return-on-Investment (ROI) benchmarks in the industry based on over 220 experiential marketing campaigns and more than 270,000 onsite consumer interviews.


At PortMA, our mission is to make marketing exceptional through straight-forward analytics for marketers who need to know what works. We envision a world where data is demystified and truth drives good decisions made by critical thinkers.

For Marketers, we use survey research and in-depth interviews to evaluate communication strategies and impact, test messaging, confirm consumer targets, and track brand health.

For Experiential Marketing professionals, we lean on an existing data warehouse of several hundred experiential campaigns to build benchmarks, predictive ROI models and winning data-driven marketing strategies.

Research Software
Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): iOS App (Search: PortMA)  
Panel: Lucid  
Project Management: Liquid Planner  
Statistical Analysis: SPSS  
Tabulation: MarketSight  
Web Survey (CAWI): Survey Monkey