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Nihal Advani
Founder and CEO
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Jared Carr
Head of Customer Strategy
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Sean Fallon
Vice President of Sales
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Business Type
  • Data Collection - Qualitative
  • Data Collection - Quantitative
  • Field Management
  • Focus Group / Qualitative Facility
  • Online Research Services
  • Online Surveys
  • Research Supplier / Provider
  • Supplier / Provider
  • Technology Provider
  • Transcription Services
Data Collection Methodologies
Qualitative/Recruiting Services and Facilities
• Home Use Test/Product Placement
• Online Focus Group Hosting/Moderation
• Recruiting
• Smartphone/Tablet Interviewing
• Transcription Services
• Video Conferencing Services
• Video Streaming Services
• Viewable In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)/Dyads/Tryads/Mini-Groups
Off-Site/Remote Interviewing
• Mystery Shopping
Quantitative Data Collection Services
• Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)
• Design & Analysis
• Internet/Web Based Surveys
• Programming of CAPI/CATI Interviewing
• Questionnaire Design
Interviewing Specialties by Audience
• Advertising
• Affluent/Wealthy
• Arts/Entertainment/Recreation
• Business-to-Business
• Children/Tweens/Teens
• Consumer Products/Services
• Fifty+/Seniors/Elderly
• Food and Beverage
• Hard to Reach Populations
• Healthcare (consumer health conditions)
• Medical/Surgical Products
• New Products
• Package Goods
• Pharmaceutical
• Retail
Related Services & Providers
• CAPI/CATI Software
• Dashboard Software
• Interactive Audience Response Systems
• Internet/Web Based Survey Software
• Marketing
• Minority or Female Owned Business
• Mobile Survey Software
• Online Interviews/Discussions/Diaries Software
• Transcription Company
• Translation or Interpretation Services
• Video Streaming/Webcasting Equipment
Research Methods
• Attitude/Usage
• Brand Research
• Business-to-Business
• Concept Testing
• Copy Tests
• Cultural Anthropology
• Durable/Non-Durable/Consumer Goods
• Ethnographic Research
• Forecasting/Trend Research
• Home Use Testing (HUT)
• Mixed Mode
• Mobile


QualSights is an insights technology platform that provides brands, agencies and consulting firms the ability to generate deeper and more authentic insights from consumers anywhere in the world, in a dramatically faster and cost-effective way. Using proprietary technology, companies can remotely observe and interact with consumers as they shop for, use or consume products in their natural environment.

QualSights is the first and only truly integrated solution that seamlessly supports multiple research methodologies, blending the depth and authenticity of qualitative research with the speed and agility of quantitative research. In addition to offering a variety of options to capture data, QualSights helps expedite analysis by providing a powerful suite of AI tools that make it easy to find and present the insights that matter.

Recruiting Services
Recruit for: focus groups
central location studies 
Opt-In for:  
Recruit for: nationally
client off-site location 
Study Types Recruit for: consumer
Off-Site/Remote Interviewing
In-Store Audits: w/ Store cooperation 
Remote/Field Interviewing: For On-Site Assignments & Mystery Shopping
Research Software
Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): QualSights  
Mobile: QualSights  
Project Management: QualSights  
Statistical Analysis: QualSights  
Tabulation: QualSights  
Text Analysis: QualSights  
Web Survey (CAWI): QualSights