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Reality Check Insight Strategists

231 S. Bemiston Ave.
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St. Louis , MO 63105

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Jim White
Founder & Insight Strategist
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  • Online Research Services
  • Qualitative Consultant/Moderator
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• Brand Research
• Concept Testing
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RealityCheck is more than a full-service market research firm.

We're a team of experienced insight strategists, conceptual analysts, technology evangelists and data storytellers. We work with Fortune 1000 brands, ranging from Packaged Goods and Technology to Healthcare and Financial Services, to light the way forward for their brands.

Whether you need a deep understanding of your consumer to inspire innovation, get your strategy or positioning right, or test advertising or new product concepts, we find the 10% you need to know, explain why it matters and help you decide what to do about it.

INSPIRE STRATEGY We uncover human insights through deep exploration of the identity, beliefs, emotions and tensions that motivate human beings in their lives.

WHY IT MATTERS? Because consumers don’t buy brands. People do. Before brands can make human connections with people, we have to understand the human part of them. By understanding consumers as real people, we get them to open up, share deeper insights and reveal bigger opportunities.

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT? Deep exploration of consumer segments and targets; understanding brand meaning for positioning development; uncovering need states and tensions to reveal white space opportunities; client immersion and empathy workshops; segmentation.

TEST & ENHANCE CONCEPTS We analyze what your concepts make people think about, not what people think about your concepts. That’s not just a semantic twist. It’s a huge difference in what sets our concept testing approaches apart. It allows us to find the parts of your idea that have the most potential to connect with people.

WHY IT MATTERS? Because people aren’t passive recipients of your ideas. They actively construct their own meanings from what they see and hear. They filter and reinterpret based on their own lives and experiences. To understand the power of your ideas, you have to understand the meaning people create from the ideas you share with them.

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT? Test and optimize Big Idea and messaging platforms; advertising and packaging concepts; new product ideas.

ENGAGE & TRACK CONSUMER EXPERIENCES What is an experience? It’s the story of what happens. We understand people’s journeys and experiences by uncovering their stories of experience. This allows us to understand the experiences people have with your brand in the context of their lives and uncover the touchpoints that drive what they think and do.

WHY IT MATTERS? Because we human beings make sense of our decisions and experiences by creating stories of what happens. It’s not about the actual experience. It’s about the experience people remember, expressed as a story.

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH IT? Track and map decision journeys; explore shopper experiences; understand in-home and product experiences; engage communities.

Insights: Uncovering the 10% That Matters Most – and Reporting it to the C-suite by Jim White
As a former journalist, I always try not to bury the lead. So here it is. Ninety percent of what is reported in most market research studies is already known. Real value comes from reporting the 10% your audience doesn’t know. Never is this more important than when you’re reporting to your senior leadership team.
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Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): Aha! Online Insights Platform  
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