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Rockbridge is an outcome-based market research firm that provides research and consulting to companies in the services and technology sectors, as well as leading associations. The firm guides clients on strategic areas including customer loyalty, segmentation, branding, and product development. Rockbridge offers a suite of scientifically proven solutions, including MaxShare™ for measuring the drivers of share-of-wallet, and is the only Wallet Allocation Rule® Certified solution available in the market. Rockbridge was founded in 1992, and has offices in the Washington, DC and New York metro areas. Rockbridge’s executive team has received numerous accolades for their thought leadership in customer experience and loyalty research, as well as technology adoption. They have written more influential books, produced more award-winning scientific research, and presented at more industry forums than comparable research firms. Recent awards include: •2017 Frontiers in Service Conference Best Practitioner Award – Chief Strategy and Client Officer, Charles Colby •2017 Frontiers in Service Conference Best Practitioner Finalist – Chief Strategy Officer, Tim Keiningham •American Marketing Association’s 2017 Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award – Chief Strategy Officer, Tim Keiningham

The Wallet Allocation Rule®: Bridging the Gap between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Spending by Timothy Keiningham, Ph.D., Chief Strategy and Client Officer
Many managers believe that improving customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, or NPS levels will lead to customers devoting a higher share of their wallets to their firm or brand. It is easy to understand why they believe this. Unfortunately, it’s not true. Our whitepaper on the groundbreaking Wallet Allocation Rule® explains why.
5 Must-Dos to Get the Most Out of Customer Segmentation Research by Gina Woodall, President
Customer segmentation studies are popular among the research community, but often times, organizations struggle to implement them effectively. Attitudinal or needs-based segmentation studies are by nature rich in detailed information about each individual segment of the market. Researchers usually communicate the information in a voluminous report due to the sheer amount of information these studies provide. This makes it tough for marketing and product development teams to understand and use the information. How can researchers help internal clients gain a more intimate understanding of the different segments of their market and quickly put this information to work for them? The following are five “must-dos” that Rockbridge follows when conducting a segmentation study to avoid failure in providing actionable information to management.
From Mind Share to Market Share by Charles Colby, Chief Methodologist; Tim Keiningham, Chief Strategy and Client Officer and Alonso Espino, Research Manager
One of the first goals of any marketer is to ensure that when people think of your product or service category, your brand comes to mind first and is thought of positively relative to the competition. The problem is the brand metrics marketers have been taught to monitor frequently have no direct relationship to buyer behavior. Fortunately, our cutting-edge MaxMindShare™ solution is proven to bridge this gap – reliably predicting market share and identifying exactly where to focus to increase your share.
Product Optimization with MaxProduct™ by Charles Colby, Chief Methodologist, Principal and Founder
Product optimization is one of the most important decisions any organization will make. The ideal product includes features that provide the greatest impact on demand relative to their cost. A number of methodologies exist to capture this information, including full-profile conjoint analysis, adaptive conjoint analysis, choice modeling and max-diff, and each present pros and cons. Rockbridge helps its clients design and optimize their new (or updated) products with MaxProduct™. This unique solution is based on a hybrid-conjoint methodology that delivers unique benefits to two important audiences: the product manager and the consumer (survey respondent).
Disrupting the Traditional Association Membership Model by Gina Woodall, President
Many associations have experienced increased competition from for-profit providers who offer services similar to their own association’s products and services. Based on recent research, Rockbridge examines the depth of the threat to help associations plan future strategies to address the competition.