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Kim Reale
SVP‚ Facility Operations
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Terri-Lyn Hawley
SVP‚ Client Solutions
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Business Type
  • Data Collection - Qualitative
  • Data Collection - Quantitative
  • Data Processing
  • Field Management
  • Focus Group / Qualitative Facility
  • Online Research Services
  • Online Surveys
  • Related Support Services
  • Research Supplier / Provider
  • Transcription Services
Data Collection Methodologies
Qualitative/Recruiting Services and Facilities
• Focus Group Facility
• Home Use Test/Product Placement
• Online Focus Group Hosting/Moderation
• Other - Interactive Wall
• Recruiting
• Transcription Services
• Usability Lab
• Viewable In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)/Dyads/Tryads/Mini-Groups
• Telephone Data Collection
Quantitative Data Collection Services
• Dial Testing
• Internet/Web Based Surveys
Interviewing Specialties by Audience
• Consumer Products/Services
• Financial
• Healthcare (consumer health conditions)
• Hospital Purchasing Agents
• International Research and Services
• Medical Professionals
• Mock Jury/General Opinion
• Package Goods
• Patients
• Pharmacists
Related Services & Providers
• Biometrics/Neuromarketing Equipment
• Internet/Web Based Survey Software
• Online Interviews/Discussions/Diaries Software
• Optical Scanning Equipment
• Survey Programming
• Telephone Addressed Based Sample (ABS)
• Telephone Low Incidence/Targeted Sample
• Transcription Company
• Usability Equipment
Research Methods
• Attitude/Usage
• Biometrics/Neuromarketing
• Brand Research
• Business-to-Business
• Ethnographic Research
• Eye Tracking
• Home Use Testing (HUT)
• International Research and Services
• Legal Research
• Mixed Mode
• Mock Jury/General Opinion
• Online Interviews/Discussions/Diaries
• Panels
• Taste Tests/Sensory Tests


As the world's largest data collection company, Schlesinger Group provides a comprehensive range of qualitative and quantitative solutions, online and in-person. Our proprietary spaces for research, testing, and strategy are located in key markets in the US and Europe. Experts at recruitment for consumer, healthcare, clinical, and B2B research, we embrace the most challenging of studies.

Our acquisitions have expanded our capabilities exponentially. Focus Pointe Global added new markets and enhanced consumer recruiting capabilities. High-performing online qualitative tools by 20|20 Research enable rich insights faster and more easily. Market Cube’s automated software has propelled our global consumer and B2B survey capabilities giving our customers access to over 10 million verified and deeply profiled panel members.

At Schlesinger Clinical Research, our expertise in clinical participant recruiting and clinical project execution provides unparalleled access to your target audiences for data you can trust.

US MARKETS: Atlanta – Baltimore - Boston – Charlotte - Chicago – Columbus - Dallas - Houston – Kansas City - Los Angeles – Miami – Minneapolis - Nashville - New Jersey - New York - Orlando - Philadelphia - Phoenix - San Francisco - St. Louis.

EUROPE MARKETS: UK - France - Germany – Spain With our expert, consultative, client-focused team supports your national and international needs, and our uncompromising commitment to your success sets us apart as your global research partner.

Adopting a Multi-Tier Approach to Data Quality in Online Surveys by Hetul Bhavsar
Identifying and evaluating sub-optimal responses in online surveys. Hetul Bhavsar shares the Schlesinger multi-tier approach.
Interactive Video Wall Simulates Collaboration by Rob Ramirez
How the The Wall by Schlesinger can be used to drive better engagement and deeper insights.
A Guide to How Schlesinger Group has Prepared for GDPR by Sue Maldonado
Schlesinger Group outlines its preparations for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Download our How Schlesinger Group has Prepared for GDPR
Conducting Marketing Research in the United Kingdom by Sarah Bennett
Download our guide to considerations when conducting marketing research in the United Kingdom. Sarah Bennett, Project Manager at The Research House, shares her data collection tips for the United Kingdom’s current market.
Press Release:
For Release April 21, 2020 Schlesinger Group, a leading international data collection, and research services company, has acquired 20|20 Research, a qualitative technology-led research services provider in the US.
Recruiting Services
Recruit for: focus groups
central location studies 
Recruiting in-house: 100 recruiters on staff 
Database available: Yes
Opt-In for: consumer
Recruit for: own facility
client off-site location 
Study Types Recruit for: consumer
Online, Payers, Patients & Careres, IT, Jury, Expert Consultations
Description: We recruit for any online or in-person methodology. Extensive, engaged and meticulously segmented panel. We re-screen on confirmation and again onsite. IT security to ISO 27001 standards. Panel aggregation experts.
Focus Group Services
Facility Location: office building  
Miles from Airport: 15  
# Rooms: 5 focus group rooms
Internet Access: Yes  
Usability lab: 12 PCs with internet access  
Focus Group Room(s):  
Room 1: 20 ' x 20 ' - 10 seats
Room 2: 21 ' x 19 ' - 10 seats
Room 3: 25 ' x 19 ' - 12 seats
Room 4: 20 ' x 16 ' - 10 seats
Room 5: 18 ' x 18 ' - 10 seats
Description: 25 high-specification facilities and labs in key markets across US & EU (Paris, London, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Barcelona, Madrid). Outstanding personal service and hospitality. Global network.
Off-Site/Remote Interviewing
In-Store Demos: Yes  
Taste Tests: Yes  
In-Store Audits: Yes  
Remote/Field Interviewing: For On-Site Assignments & Mystery Shopping
Description: We manage intercept studies using CAPI interview software and devices.
Research Software
Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI): Decipher  
Communities: 20|20 Research  
Mobile: 20|20 Research  
Panel: Kinesis, Decipher, RelevantID  
Project Management: Proprietary  
Text Analysis: On Demand Plus