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Cara Kelly
Founder & Chief Dot Connector

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Storypoint’s expertise exists in sifting through mountains of research and information to provide you with a more complete story about your business. We help you turn these insights into actionable, results-oriented business strategies.

Telling Data Rich Stories: We sift through your research, connecting the dots to pull out a bigger, sharper picture of your brand’s equity, your target consumer, or macro trends in the marketplace.

Identifying Knowledge Gaps: Storypoint can fill those gaps—with the right knowledge or right research method—so you’ll have a story that generates more impact and gets better results.

Picking Up the Slack: Storypoint has the capability to become an extension of your research arm. When your team is maxed out, we can pick up the ball and keep it moving forward.

Share our Experience: Think of Storypoint as your on-demand insights department. We’ll advise you on methodologies, sample composition, and questionnaire design. We can even help train and mentor your junior team members.