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  • Field Management
  • Online Research Services
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• Medical Professionals


Tachyon Global Research is a market research and analytics firm headquartered in Bangalore, India. We provide data collection and fieldwork solutions through our global network of proprietary panelists with a key focus on healthcare market research. Our services include online data collection for Healthcare and B2B industries, panel building, survey coding, TDIs, project management, data analysis, and reporting.We have successfully delivered over 100 projects and added over 20K panelists, across 7+ countries.

MedInPer : MedInPer stands for Medicine, Insights and Perspectives- Our online community of physicians and healthcare professionals across the globe. It serves as an engagement platform for HCPs to provide their medical insights, perspectives through online surveys and interviews which aid in the research, advancement, development of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. For more information about our healthcare panel please visit https://medinper.com.

At Tachyon Global Research, we understand the need for quality data and fieldwork. With our recruitment techniques, well defined processes, technology driven quality checks, we make sure we deliver deeper insights through our thoroughly profiled panelists. With recruiters all over the globe, we make it easy to recruit hard-to-reach HCPs and other B2B audiences. Real People, Real Data, and Deeper Insights guaranteed.

We employ a seven step process of recruiting a potential panelist. At each step, the information provided by the panelist is thoroughly scrutinized, verified to ensure panel credibility, quality and authenticity of the communities we build.

Recruiting Services
Recruiting in-house: Yes  
Database available: 20K names
Opt-In for: medical  
Recruit for:  
Description: We are specialized in recruiting for healthcare studies having recruited panelists across 25+ specialties.
Research Software
Project Management: Koncept Project Management Software