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Actûrus is a leading global research-based consultancy specializing in qualitative, quantitative and multi-sponsored studies. Formed in July of 2015 from the merger of The Pert Group and MSS, this logical evolution bridges the powerful connection between buyers and their influencers in our unprecedented 360 by 360 approach.

Our customized research strategies are designed to help clients understand not only the consumer, but also the influences surrounding them. Our ability to identify and understand the relationship between consumer and influencer allows us to deliver a richer, more nuanced view of consumer decision making. This multi-dimensional approach produces a better understanding of the how and why of the buying decision, enhances the value of traditional research, and provides a clear roadmap for optimizing business and brand performance. This new perspective allows us to speak the language of Consumer. Shopper. Diner. Purchaser. Bartender. Salesperson. Sommelier. Mechanic to name just a few.