Marketing Research Happenings

Schlesinger Group : Adopting a Multi-Tier Approach to Data Quality in Online Surveys by Hetul Bhavsar Identifying and evaluating sub-optimal responses in online surveys. Hetul Bhavsar shares the Schlesinger multi-tier approach.
Schlesinger Group : Interactive Video Wall Simulates Collaboration by Rob Ramirez How the The Wall by Schlesinger can be used to drive better engagement and deeper insights.
Schlesinger Group : A Guide to How Schlesinger Group has Prepared for GDPR by Sue Maldonado Schlesinger Group outlines its preparations for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Download our How Schlesinger Group has Prepared for GDPR
Schlesinger Group : Conducting Marketing Research in the United Kingdom by Sarah Bennett Download our guide to considerations when conducting marketing research in the United Kingdom. Sarah Bennett, Project Manager at The Research House, shares her data collection tips for the United Kingdom’s current market.