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OvationMR : B2B Research Essentials Guide by Jim Whaley

In this straightforward B2B Research Essentials Guide to Top Insights learn:

  • What is B2B Research and how is it used
  • Gain insight into what kinds of questions can be answered by B2B Researchers
  • When the best times to start B2B Research should be considered

This article also looks at considerations for choosing a B2B Partner who can help you can access to the most relevant audiences and data you are seeking.

OvationMR : Key Things to Know About Conjoint Analysis by Jim Whaley

Conjoint analysis is a survey-based advanced research tool designed to understand how complex choices are made by everyday consumers to healthcare professionals who decide on life-saving drugs therapies, and medical devices. Choices typically require trade-offs and are made every day.

Researchers prefer conjoint analysis for their surveys to determine consumer values. It includes creating, distributing, and analyzing survey questionnaires among consumers to demonstrate their purchase decisions for response analysis.

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