Marketing Research Happenings

Compass Market Research LLC : In Their Eyes: How Understanding Respondent Perceptions Can Help Improve the Research Process by Caroline Volpe Have you ever wondered what participants think of the qualitative research process? Caroline Volpe did. When curiosity overwhelmed her, she undertook primary research to uncover what individuals who had participated in any type of qualitative research in the past year thought of the process, from the initial recruitment contact to payment of honoraria. Compass Market Research LLC partnered with M3 USA Corporation on this research effort. The goal was to see what could be done differently to improve research quality and ensure that participants have a good experience. This article outlines our key findings.
Compass Market Research LLC : They Think What!? How to Improve the Participant Experience by Caroline Volpe Overwhelming curiosity drove Caroline Volpe to understand the experience of qualitative research participants. The results, discussed in the article In Their Eyes: How Understanding Respondent Perceptions Can Help Improve the Research Process, published in the Winter 2018 edition of QRCA VIEWS, made it apparent that, as an industry, there is room to improve the participant experience. While I had my opinions, I asked research buyers and providers about what was uncovered and what it means to the market research industry. Based on those conversations, this article outlines six areas where qualitative researchers can improve the research process to make it a better experience for our participants.
Compass Market Research LLC : Evolution of Projective Techniques by Caroline Volpe Qualitative researchers have used projective techniques for decades to assist them in eliciting non-rational or emotional drivers of attitudes and behaviors. For many of us, if not all, these techniques are critical tools in our technique portfolio. In addition, new technologies — such as bulletin boards, MROCs, Facebook, Pinterest and online focus groups — have opened up our methodology options. As the old world meets the new, the question has come up for QRCs: can we take our projective techniques with us? This article explores the process of moving tried and true projective techniques into the digital world.