Marketing Research Happenings

Dynata : Dynata Introduces Interactive Global COVID-19 Symptom Map to Help Predict Potential “Hot Spots” of Coronavirus Outbreak by Dynata Publicly-available global database leverages the reach of 62 million panelists to identify progression of common symptoms associated with COVID-19 diagnoses.
Dynata : Dynata Acquires Sharpr to Extend Insights Platform by Dynata Acquisition expands data and insights platform capabilities, enabling access, sharing and publishing of research across the organization.
Dynata : Dynata and Google join forces to deliver comprehensive measurement of Youtube advertising effectiveness across mobile and connected tv devices by Dynata First-of-its-kind integration for Brand Lift measurement with Google’s Ads Data Hub enables organizations to measure and maximize their advertising investment on a global scale.
Dynata : Dynata Launches New Platform to Transform the Future of Insights and Marketing by Dynata Dynata Insights Platform will integrate market research with advertising solutions for the first time.
Dynata : Dynata Awarded Patent for Connected Data Capabilities by Dynata Patent covers industry first-of-its-kind ability to connect first, second- and third-party data, delivering a singular view of disparate data sets for integrated data driven insights.
Dynata : Dynata and CMNTY Join Forces To Deliver Community-Based Consumer Insights by Dynata Partnership seamlessly integrates the largest first-party data set and online communities to help brands recruit consumers and create faster and deeper engagement, at scale.
Dynata : Dynata Acquires CrowdLab, Expanding Research & Insights Opportunities for Brands to Connect with Consumers by Dynata Acquisition expands qualitative research capabilities, enabling a deeper understanding of customer journeys, brand affinities and experiences through contextualized real-time insights.