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Way to Goal : Perfectly Virtual: Telehealth for COVID-19 and Beyond by Way to Goal An In-Depth Study of Telehealth in US Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic We are seeing a dramatic paradigm shift in how telehealth or telemedicine will play a role in the future of healthcare. This in-depth qualitative study interviewed 55 practicing physicians from six different specialties across the US on their telehealth adoption and its impact on their practices during the pandemic and beyond. Topics Covered In This Report After interviewing US physicians across a variety of specialties including primary care, dermatology, cardiology, obstetrics/gynecology, oncology and psychiatry, this study helps to uncover answers for the future of telehealth in healthcare Does the type of medical practice have an impact on the speed of adopting a telehealth process?How does age or seniority of a physician correlate with willingness to use telehealth?For what types of patients or situations are physicians utilizing telehealth?What barriers do practices encounter when implementing telehealth or telemedicine technology?How do physicians keep up with the changing telehealth guidelines and financial coverage?What does the future of telehealth look like for medical practices?