Marketing Research Happenings

Campos Inc : Brand Strategy? Or Brand Identity? Let's Review. by Stephanie Zanin, Director of Strategy Services We’re all guilty of using jargon and insider short-hand when talking about our areas of expertise. Marketers are perhaps more guilty of this than any other group. As a brand and communication strategist, one of the short-hand terms that I find causes the most confusion is the broad and multitudinous use of the word “brand.”
Campos Inc : How to Think About the Brand-Customer Experience Relationship by Stephanie Zanin, Director of Strategy Services Just as organizations realized, over four decades ago, that a deep understanding of brand could provide significant financial value to organizations, so it is with customer experience planning today. Recent studies by Gartner, Forrester, and Maritz all indicate the leading organizations are more than doubling their investment in understanding and planning their customer experiences compared to the previous five-year period.
Campos Inc : Finding New Markets for Your Existing B2B Products: Where to Start by Campos Reaching new markets is a common strategy to achieve business growth. Drawing from our experience of supporting B2B clients over the past 20+ years, in this post, we've compiled key success factors that help to support and accelerate that growth. We also outline the common challenges that companies face along the way.
Campos Inc : 'Numbers and Narratives' Build a Bridge, Fill in the Blanks by Alice Greene, VP Research Services As consumers, employees, students, and Fitbit-wearing human beings, we are being provided with more and more information every day about ourselves and how we benchmark against others—seemingly to no avail. We all know why: Data alone is never enough. But I have been obsessing about how data, in combination with an individual’s own interpretation of, or story about, that data, has the potential to unlock significant personal growth and societal change.