Marketing Research Happenings

Research Now SSI : Concerning Findings in the Market Research Industry by Melanie Courtright In a seven-part blog series, Research Now will further delve into the heart of quality by laying some groundwork for best practices on survey participant experience, panel management and engagement, sample selection and optimization, the survey itself, and the survey results and insights, and how these ultimately play a vital role in the quality of the research conducted and the results generated.
Research Now SSI : How Can Marketers and Researchers Make Better, Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions, Faster? [Infographic] by Research Now For marketers and researchers to achieve better business results, they need to integrate the “right” data across data silos to gain deeper insights of their audience’s attitudes and behavior in order to optimize strategy and execute activation to perfection. However, with so much data available, the question is: where does one begin to derive actionable insights for a competitive advantage?
Research Now SSI : Agile Consumer Research: Speed and Efficiency as a Competitive Advantage by Research Now As today’s consumer has become more plugged in, and more accustomed to personalization and tailored content, products, and services, the modern B2C marketer’s job has become more challenging, high-stake, and rewarding all at the same time. Learn how you can execute agile, cost-effective consumer research.