Marketing Research Happenings

Research Now : US Presidential Election 2016 and the Implications for Marketing Research by Melanie Courtright Confidence in marketing research has taken a hit in recent years, based on our struggle to accurately predict major voting outcomes. So, where's the hitch?
Research Now : The Future of Market Research Data Collection by Gary S. Laben Modern communications systems have given users unprecedented access to information and services without regard to time or location, letting them get more done faster than ever before. By providing experiences that are tailored and relevant to each user’s expectations, technology doesn’t just provide a better user experience, it also preserves the user’s most valuable resource: time.
Research Now : Why Mobile Matters for Conducting Representative Research by Roddy Knowles Since the first Apple iPhone hit the market in June 2007, smartphones have been adopted by US consumers at a much faster rate than almost any other innovation in history. When many market researchers think about how mobile usage has impacted research, one of the first things that comes to mind is that some demographic groups are more inclined to use smartphones – and are much harder to reach on desktops/laptops.
Research Now : 5 Best Practices for Renewing Trackers by Michael Murray As we approach the time where many of you will be considering your tracking projects for the new year, it’s worth reminding ourselves again the value of following best practices when it comes to these strategically important projects.
Research Now : All Data Is Not Created Equal: Differences Between First, Second, and Third Party Data by Scott Schafebook First party, third party, and now second party data – how do you keep them all straight? When managing advertising or marketing campaigns, it’s important to make sure your budget dollars are well spent, and to validate that you’re actually reaching the right audience. Arming yourself with knowledge on the different types of data out there, along with the benefits and things to consider about each, can prove imperative for the success of a marketing or advertising campaign.