Marketing Research Happenings

Ascribe : Ascribe Partners on 2016 GRIT Report by Ascribe Insights The GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report serves as an authoritative voice in our industry. We always look forward to its release, but never more than this year, when we were proud to serve as a research partner with GreenBook. Ascribe provided vital data mining and text analytics for the 2016 GRIT Report, contributing vital and actionable insights for the future of the market research industry.
Ascribe : Ascribe Demo Video: See Us In Action by Ascribe Insights Ascribe in Action lets you see the technology in action, including kinds of input you can mine, sample output, and tips for driving more actionable insights from your data. Our new video shows how fast and easy it can be to capitalize on the data you are already collecting, and real examples of how text analysis delivers actionable insights fast.
Ascribe : Customer Sentiment Drives Differentiation by Rick Kieser, CEO Customer Sentiment is more than just a feeling – it is a critical mile marker on the road to brand differentiation. In my last blog, I discussed the opportunity to compete based on customer experience – what that means, and how tricky it can be. The follow up question: HOW do you harness CX insights to deliver a truly differentiated experience?