Marketing Research Happenings

Line of Sight Group : External vs. Internal: The Difference between Strategy and Planning by Steve Schulz Strategic plans all tend to look pretty much the same. They have three major parts: a vision or mission statement, a list of initiatives, and a conversion of the initiatives into budgets. While they may produce better budgets, they are not about strategy. Strategy is about what we choose to do as an organization (and not to do) and why. It is about where to place ‘bets’... When the core elements of strategy are aligned and when decisions are driven by solid external knowledge, organizations can confidently place strategic bets in a way that both grows revenue and delivers it in a way that is profitable for the company.
Line of Sight Group : Is it Time to Do Some Disrupting of Your Own? by Brett Norgaard Much has been written about the fear of being disrupted. Maybe it is actually time to do a little disrupting of your own, and strike fear into others. This blog post shows an example of a company thoroughly understanding their external environment, making a calculated move and capitalizing.
Line of Sight Group : Getting it Right with This Year’s Strategic Planning Process by Steve Schulz In this blog post, Steve Schulz explores what is possibly the most important aspect of the strategic planning process – the external environmental assessment.
Line of Sight Group : Disruption and Innovation – Two Sides of the Same Coin by Brett Norgaard Presentations at the Product Development Management Association (PDMA) Annual Conference in Atlanta, where Line of Sight Group was also an event sponsor, revealed how business model innovation and disruption are different sides of the same coin. There were great examples regarding the pace of technology, the readiness of customers and the subsequent impact on new business models.
Line of Sight Group : Line of Sight’s Competitive Intelligence System Now SCIP Endorsed by Jennifer Swain Line of Sight Group is proud to announce that our Market-i Competitive Intelligence System has been recognized as a SCIP “Endorsed” product! Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is the nonprofit Association representing the Integrated Intelligence industry internationally for over 32 years. Our intelligence services fit directly with our analysis services - helping our clients develop deep insight and strategic options.