Marketing Research Happenings

OVATIONMR : Are You Ready For Brand Tracking by Jim Whaley Why is brand tracking important to your growing business? At a time when starting and sustaining a healthy brand has never been more challenging, we all look for ways to maintain that competitive edge. With the rapid pace of market-force changes like; shifting consumer demographics, fierce new competition, and technological innovation, brands need to be ahead of the curve from an information and trends point of view, now more than ever.
OVATIONMR : 7 Trusted Market Research Sampling Methods with Examples by Jim Whaley If you are starting a new research project and you are asking these questions: What types of sampling methods should you consider for research? What kind of sampling method is an online survey? How does each technique affect the sampling process? What confidence should you have in the results? Can you draw statistical inferences from the data to project results?   This article is for you. It discusses the differences between probability and non-probability sampling methodologies and how they are best applied.
OVATIONMR : 9 Questions to Build a Strong Marketing Strategy by Jim Whaley Marketing strategy is the cornerstone of brand growth and a healthy business. It's the business plan which helps gain more customers and build a loyal following. But creating an effective marketing strategy entails work and it requires cross-team collaboration from marketers, sales, customer service, and finance to develop business goals and objectives based on your companies mission. You must develop a clear understanding of your target market and what problem you are solving and for which customer segments.