Marketing Research Happenings

GlobaLexicon Translations : Creative Translation of Medical Concepts by GlobaLexicon Translations London, 06 March 2019 – GlobaLexicon was able to help market research agency Cello Health Insight successfully with a creative translation of Medical Concepts into various languages.
GlobaLexicon Translations : Coding of 25 Market Tracker by GlobaLexicon Translations London, 08 March 2019 – Global brand consultant agency Hall & Partners needed GlobaLexicon's help with the coding of a 25 market quantitative tracker. GlobaLexicon was able to do this with the highest level of accuracy and within the client's tight deadlines.
GlobaLexicon Translations : Translation & Transcription of Field Research by GlobaLexicon Translations London, 12 March 2019 – GlobaLexicon was asked by 2CV research, a full service, integrated consumer market research agency to help with the translation of rare languages into English.
GlobaLexicon Translations : Translation of Expert Medical Protocol by GlobaLexicon Translations London, 21 March 2019 – CERC, a French contract research organisation focused on the development of innovative techniques, concepts and treatment, came to GlobaLexicon for certified translations of a protocol synopsis and full protocol. As always, Globalexicon was happy to help.
GlobaLexicon Translations : Multiple Language Services for Large Healthcare Study London, 28 March 2019 – Being its longstanding translation partner, leading fieldwork provider M3 Global Research came to GlobaLexicon to help with a five-country healthcare qualitative study.