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Beta Research Corp. : A Profile of The Medical Cannabis User by Gail Disimile, EVP; Kathleen Schmidt, VP; David March, VP of Sales and Marketing There is an abundant amount of research on the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis industry. Most studies cover state regulations, post-election outlook and predictions, sales forecasts, pricing changes or top medical marijuana stocks ? and yet, very little research profiles the medical cannabis user on a personal level. To provide a profile of medical and recreational cannabis users, Beta Research Corporation introduces the Cannabis Users Research Evaluation (CURE) Study. While the study covers both recreational and medical use, for the purposes of this paper we will be focusing on the medical cannabis consumer ? the health conditions they suffer from, how they treat these conditions and if they use cannabis to alleviate symptoms associated with their health conditions. For many, cannabis has quickly become an integral part of their daily medicating regimen supplementing their traditional treatment options. Besides covering detailed information on cannabis usage from a healthcare perspective, the CURE study also provides unique insight into the personal lives of these consumers that can aid in understanding their motivations, and ultimately provide a guide to better marketing practices for sellers and distributors. The CURE Study also explores cannabis strain preference, frequency of use and spending data, the accessory market, leisure and social activities, industry-related media preferences and general demographics.