Marketing Research Happenings

Research Now SSI : A Guide to Becoming an Educated Consumer of Digital Research Data by Research Now The goal of market research is to gather data to drive informed decisions. Done well, it provides critical information for successful decision making for both B2C and B2B companies, ultimately delivering better results and a competitive advantage. In a white paper by Research Now, we define the different kinds of participant data available for research surveys and highlight the varying levels of quality in each, arming you with the knowledge to discern what source is right for you.
Research Now SSI : What Advertising Effectiveness Means to Modern Marketers in a Digital World by Research Now & Econsultancy Research Now partnered with Econsultancy to create a unique report that chronicles the challenges marketers are facing when it comes to optimizing their media mix and offers practical implications to improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.
Research Now SSI : A Research Perspective on Data-Driven Marketing by Research Now This eBook examines how you can make smarter, data-driven decisions, faster, and deliver tangible results through quickly and cost-effectively identifying and surveying your ideal audiences by integrating multiple data sources. Additionally, we will take you through three use cases across different verticals to give examples of how data integration can make an impact on your market research and marketing execution.