Marketing Research Happenings

RG+A : Webinar: Forecasting Across Lines of Therapy by Tim Deckman This webinar presentation will describe a new approach for forecasting the impact of future events for complex diseases. We will show how the method simulates the treatment decision process by presenting physicians with a diverse set of realistic patient profiles, having them treat the patients, and receiving feedback after each treatment on its effectiveness. Treatment decisions can be assessed over three lines of therapy and can include decisions for induction and maintenance therapy. Physicians make their treatment decisions under two scenarios – the market as it currently exists and a future market after the launch of an innovative new treatment.
RG+A : Pharma Market Research Conference 2015 by Roger Green, Bruce Duncan, Kyle Martin Historically, healthcare stakeholders have viewed treatment guidelines as one path to assuring consistent application of high-quality healthcare. In theory, utilizing guidelines guarantees excellent care and a positive cost-benefit profile. In practice, it has never been this simple. Development and enforcement of appropriate guidelines have always presented significant challenges to healthcare systems and insurers. Over the past year, the issues has become more challenging, as an explosion of specialty drug spending has made it impossible for health systems to afford therapies that might prove cost-beneficial in the long run.
RG+A : PMRG Connect 2015 by Roger Green, Colin DiBenedetto This presentation will address the increasingly complicated landscape of hospital products. Specifically, it will explore how research can integrate the views of multiple key hospital stakeholders (in this case ID Pharmacists, Emergency Department Directors, and Infectious Disease Specialists) to arrive at a pricing recommendation. The presentation will explore both the value of such an integrated dialogue as well as technical and methodological considerations to ensure its success.
RG+A : Presentation: Forecast Treatment across Multiple Therapy Lines by Kevin Kelly, Tim Deckman Oncology, respiratory diseases and diabetes all have diverse patient populations who receive multiple lines of therapy involving many different combinations of drugs and drug classes. The difficulty of the forecasting task is magnified further with the selection of subsequent lines of therapy often depending on how the patient responded to previous therapies. Information that fails to consider these complexities will not only be inadequate, but worse may be very misleading.
RG+A : Doing More with Less: Utilizing Small Sample Analytics to Get the Most Out of Your Research Budge by Kevin Kelly In this presentation, delivered during a recent pharmaceutical market research conference workshop, RG+A’s methodology experts discuss the viability of small sample analytics. Through multiple case studies that cover forecasting in the orphan space, feature optimization for a medical device, and fast estimation of the potential of an in-licensing opportunity, you’ll learn the three key takeaways of small sample approaches and understand how to put them to work for managing risk and creating certainty in your business.