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Report: 2018 TREND REPORT | "DIGS, DOGS, & DIAPERS" | The Millennial Nesting and Parenting Trend by Kate Murphy, Strategist & Research Manager
Published 02/20/2018
There are 83MM millennials in the U.S., ranging in age from early twenties to late thirties. More than 16MM of them are moms, and more than 40% of identify as parents. Millennials who are not yet parents are settling down in other ways, through pet ownership, home improvement, cooking, and more. Sales and marketing professionals need to start thinking of millennials in a different way: as parents, pet owners, home and apartment renovators, home cooks, and professionals. In other words, millennials are “adulting,” and it’s time we recognize that! DOWNLOAD our free deep dive into a 2018 trend we call "Digs, Dogs, and Diapers."
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