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Article: Food Perspectives, Inc. Listed in Quirks 2016 as a Top Company for Taste Tests by Quirk's Staff
Published 04/01/2016

When it comes to conducting market research, there are various methods that you can use to gain insights into a product. But when you are focusing in on food, beverage and other consumable goods, the best way to know if consumers will like a product is to have them taste it! Properly-conducted taste tests are an effective way to gather important data on new products or to measure consumers’ opinions on line extensions. Taste-testing can also help assess changes or improvements in a product and function as a way for consumers to rank your products against your competitors, providing essential information about the preferences of your target audience. Top-ranked taste-testing research firms will have the ability to find and recruit your target audience; provide access to test kitchens and other facilities essential for conducting sensory research and have the knowledge base to help you understand what it takes to conduct thorough and accurate tests to gather the most in-depth and effective data on products. Here is a list of firms offering taste-testing and sensory research capabilities. 

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Food Perspectives Inc.

Founded 1990 | 74 employees

Nancy Eicher, President and CEO

Food Perspectives is driven to help our clients develop products consumers love. We offer expert research design consultation across all phases of the development lifecycle, from idea discovery, defining critical design elements, optimizing the formulation and validating launch readiness. FPI represents the disciplines of sensory science and consumer insights, equipping us to be an expert extension of your business team. Our MN headquarters features two state-of-the-art commercial kitchens, a large flexible CLT room and two focus group rooms. The research activities you conduct in our space are limited only by your imagination. FPI’s clients include CPG, alcohol and restaurant companies.

Phone 763-553-7787

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