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Press Release: Emicity, new name for Consumer Insights, Inc. by Karl Schmidt
Published 09/16/2016

We at Consumer Insights have been stewing about our company name for a few years. When we incorporated back in 1995, advertising agencies and primary clients had market research or customer research departments, and the term strategic planning wasn’t used yet.  The idea of insights may have been tossed around among researchers, but it hadn’t been codified at a corporate level. From the start, we wanted to differentiate ourselves on the strength of our emic-level analysis—our ability to dig for deeper insights, to go beyond reporting the numbers descriptively and provide our clients with a clear path forward—so Consumer Insights, Inc. was born.  Now that titles like “Director of Consumer Insights” and “Customer Insights Manager” have become more common, we decided to take a calculated risk and move forward as Emicity as a better way to describe what makes us different and better.