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Blog: Line of Sight Group - Client Testimonials by Steve Schulz
Published 09/24/2019


I wouldn’t know where to go for the type of work that LoSG conducts for us. I realize there are other firms available, but to execute the study like Line of Sight Group does (which requires capturing sensitive info) — I just don’t know of other firms that would have the expertise and would be willing to execute in the manner Line of Sight does. I think Line of Sight is one of a kind in this respect.”
Chief Product and Strategy Officer


“The output of this competitive intelligence study was instrumental on many levels to the future direction of [our] flagship product. Steve and his team have been performing this challenging work for several years. The output is consistently of the highest quality and the LoSG team is incredibly responsive to project modifications.”
Director, Market Research – Financial Services


“Line of Sight’s knowledge/expertise of the financial services industry assures me that we are receiving the best care, quality information, and insights — I don’t believe we could achieve this level of expertise and project execution elsewhere.”
Chief Marketing Officer


“We engaged Line of Sight to help create and build competitive intelligence competency. They assisted with product design, market positioning, sales and new product development. Since then, our business has experienced significant growth. The insight provided by Line of Sight contributed to that strategic advancement and growth.”
Chief Product and Strategy Officer – Health Insurance Company


“Our work benefits from information we cannot easily obtain ourselves.”
Project Manager – Financial Services Industry


“Thank you Steve – as usual, you and the LoSG team did a great job for us – we really do appreciate your attentiveness to our information needs… I realize that this is challenging work – but you have spoiled us – we have the utmost confidence in you and your team…”
VP Product Management


“I just wanted to drop you a note to acknowledge the exceptional report you prepared for us. The report addressed all of the questions I was hoping it would and gave us tremendous insights into this category. It will help to support our go-forward decisions about in-sourcing versus outsourcing and the development considerations.”
Chief Product and Strategy Officer


“Our primary competitor had signaled its intent to launch a new product design and ordering system, and we needed to know if it would leapfrog our own. Through interviews with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, Line of Sight provided a detailed picture of the new capability and we responded confidently.”
Vice President Marketing – Manufacturing


“While we know our national competitors quite well, it is often these local and regional competitors that are strongest at creating strong brand connections and are fast enough to be disruptive in our industry. Line of Sight provides a nice mix of quantitative and qualitative analysis to help us stay current and respond appropriately.”
Senior Brand Manager – Retail Industry


“Each year, our objectives shift a bit so the LoSG team goes through a planning process with us to make sure that we are looking at the correct markets, capturing the right information and communicating it effectively to the executive team. We appreciate their knowledge of the market as well as the quality – the reports are spot-on and appropriate for our senior leadership team.”
VP Market Research – Health Insurance Industry


“We were collecting feedback on why we won and lost clients, but it was an internal perspective, so we engaged Line of Sight. The result: We are now achieving the industry’s best client retention and acquisition levels, and our market share is growing.”
Vice President – Sales Manufacturing


“Our team is very impressed with the content you are providing! Our senior management team finds the monthly newsletter to be a perfect snapshot for their time.”
Senior Vice President – Business Development Health Care


“Our primary competitor had entered one of our key markets and we needed to understand the threat and how to respond in a way that would position ourselves appropriately and ultimately retain customers even with an increase in competitive intensity.”
Vice President Marketing – Manufacturing


“Line of Sight gave us an objective view of our business and where it was headed. It was not what we hoped to hear, but their assessment was on target and gave us the context and facts we could take to our board and begin making some needed changes.”
Chief Executive Officer – Health Care


Thank you Kristi!! Appreciate you being so on top of things and for always being our eyes and ears. We can get so focused on what is in front of us at the moment, and it helps to have you thinking more broadly and about the future – not just the ‘here and now’ chaos.

We recently had feedback in a meeting that the Weekly Competitive Updates are ‘awesome’ and ‘really helpful’!

You really do an incredible job compiling everything so concisely (and so timely!). Thanks for being a member of our team!!
Sales Executive – Health Care Medical Devices


“We are resource-strapped, so I greatly appreciate LoSG’s experience and expertise to be able to outsource work to them and know it will be high quality. They also can obtain information we couldn’t obtain in competitive assessments.”
CI/Market Researcher, Health Care Provider

“Our business benefits by having competitive knowledge that would be difficult for us to obtain ourselves. Having a good working relationship with LOSG makes the project enjoyable.”
Product Manager

“I know that the Line of Sight team will hear my overview and objective…and understand my needs. The turnaround time and professionalism of the projects and of the [LoSG] team is very valuable.”

Product Manager, Educational Services Industry


“We like the fact that LoSG is quick and nimble and has acted as an extension of our team when needed. In addition, they took the time to come onsite and understand our clients’ needs directly.

CI/Market Research Team, National Retailer


“Hi Erin. Just wanted you to know that I’ve been getting lots of compliments on the weekly update newsletter you produce for us..It’s super-awesome! It is perfect for our executive leader and is helping our team present a positive perception throughout the organization. You guys do great work!

Senior Project Leader – Education Industry

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