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Press Release: IQRSF and Covid-19 by Richard Ngo
Published 07/06/2020

To keep everyone safe, we’ve formulated a plan and taken the steps to exceed all requirements for safety and cleanliness. For the safety of participants, clients and employees, IQRSF has implemented operational changes such as facial mask requirements, temperature checks, sanitization stations and thorough disinfection of the focus group room after each group to name a few.

Our goal is for successful research sessions and for our clients to have the confidence knowing all safety measures are being taken. Please remember all changes are temporary and subject to change. We’ll get through this together!

Despite the new procedures, this San Francisco Market Research focus group boutique setup still offers a creative space to conduct a wide array of research discussions.

At, we have more than 10 years of experience serving large corporate brands, such as Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

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