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Gary Frieden‚ Ph.D.

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Client Recommendation: Nestlé USA, McKesson Products Co., First Interstate Bank by Allan Hauptfeld, Vantage
Published 01/01/2016

"Gary is much more than a just a moderator, he is a true partner. I can't tell you how many times I have thought of a question to ask the group while sitting in the back room, and within seconds, Gary asks the question! Uncanny! He's always in tune with clients' issues. I also love his style with the respondents - much more of a relaxed discussion instead of questions and answers. Respondents in turn are comfortable with giving him personal information (for example, sensitive banking experiences), and that provides clients with extremely valuable and especially actionable consumer feedback."

Allan Hauptfeld, Vantage

Former Research Director:

Nestlé USA, McKesson Products Co., First Interstate Bank