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Press Release: Cint, Narrative I/O Enter Into Collaboration to Provide Real-Time Marketplace of Self-declared First Person Audience Data by Christine Penwell Senior Associate
Published 10/09/2017

Data buyers have several options when purchasing data today and many spend extra time and resources on the buying process, as well as validating the data purchased. Narrative I/O will offer a customizable and transparent mechanism for data buyers to access data and Cint will offer highly accurate, self-declared first-person data. By combining forces, Narrative and Cint offer the most accurate-customized data assets available today.

"We are very excited to partner with Narrative I/O. With our data supporting predictive modeling in their platform, our combined offering will serve immediate benefits to brands, advertisers and marketers,” said Jake Wolff, EVP-The Americas, Cint. “We see a wealth of potential in the future in a number of use cases using panel-based first party data. We will specifically create solutions to address more precise modeling, a critical challenge in today’s data driven world."

“Narrative is thrilled to have Cint as a member of our platform. As organizations become more reliant on data, the quality of that data becomes paramount,” said Nick Jordan, CEO, Narrative I/O. “The self-declared nature of Cint’s data asset provides that quality at scale, creating an easy way for analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to acquire the data they need to produce amazing outcomes.”

Beginning today, Narrative I/O shall provide a simple and transparent platform to purchase Cint’s high-quality first-person data to help data buyers make quicker and more accurate business decisions to validate their existing data sets and/or to more accurately model consumer behavior.

About Cint

Cint is a software company developing technology to innovate the way insights are gathered. Cint specializes in API and SaaS solutions offering efficient, user-friendly tools to access online consumer panels, as well as panel management software. Cint’s exchange platform is a fully transparent insights marketplace, bringing together questions and answers from all around the world.

Reach more than 40 million consumers in 80+ countries, all sourced via 1,500+ different panels owned by publishers, local media outlets, market research agencies and non-profits.

About Narrative I/O

Narrative I/O powers the data economy. Organizations looking to efficiently and repeatedly execute on their data acquisition and monetization strategies rely on Narrative to act as their platform of record. With features focused on simplifying discovery, pricing, and integration. Narrative has brought sophisticated data strategy to the masses.

Christine Penwell
Senior Associate
m: +1 509 830 1665 / o: +1 415 820 4160