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Blog: Can Market Research Save Lives? by Rebecca C. Quarles, PhD
Published 07/28/2014
David Almy, CEO of the Marketing Research Association, recently told participants at the Spring Symposium of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the MRA that he had searched in vain for articles on the value of market research. Yet I, along with many other market researchers, know that market research has enormous value when conducted and used properly. It can help companies increase demand for their products and become more profitable, improve brand image, and target messages more effectively. And sometimes, it can save lives. Much of this life-saving research comes from the public sector, which conducts social marketing research or “research for good.” There are many other examples of market research that have guided successful advertising and outreach campaigns in such areas as heart disease and cancer prevention, smoking cessation, diet and exercise. All of these campaigns have saved lives.
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