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Press Release: Provoke Insights Releases its Beta Version of its Free Significant Difference Calculator by Provoke Insights
Published 12/18/2019

New York. December 18, 2019. Provoke Insights has released the beta version of its Significant Difference Calculator. The tool is free and available on the company’s website here.

The goal was to develop a tool that can test multiple subgroups and attributes at once. It is great for internal research teams, students, and vendors who want to test a portion of the data quickly.

The calculator has been developed by Provoke Insights statisticians to improve the process of testing significant differences between subgroups. The statisticians are experts in significant difference testing and wanted to enhance efficiency.

The confidence levels provide the probability that the difference presented is at least as large as it would have been if the two population proportions were equal. Using a pooled sample approach, the tool runs two proportion Z-tests, by taking sample size and percentages into account. It allows users to test tables of proportions against each other and download the results.

The tool is being introduced in beta testing and will transition into a permanent tool on the website in the new year. For full access to the calculator, please visit:


Feel free to share feedback with the Provoke Insights team by reaching out to them via If you use the calculator and enjoy it, please share it with your colleagues and on LinkedIn.

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